Slab Dubai

I wanted our food to emphasize on farm-fresh ingredients, along with the most flavourful palette. Our goal was to design an unforgettable meal in a simple space with an energy that makes you cherish the little things that form a

White Forest Recipe

Pastries are a space for pastry chefs to express and experiment, incorporating and developing their favorite combinations in their creations all along. Cream is their guilty pleasure. La crème de la crème challenged 10 chefs to create pastry creations that …


  • Find it in ice-cream, rich sundaes, milkshakes, lassies and as a side to your coffee – poured in our floating on the top.
  • Blend it with an alcoholic liquer for some fantastic festive tipples
  • Find it in sauces, curries, dips,


We were staying in San Pedro La Laguna, a small community perched on the water’s edge and packed with precariously stacked buildings and streets so narrow they limit traffic to pedestrians and tuk tuks. The roads widen as you approach …


The mood was dire as the truth sunk in: we were going to miss the most important culinary event in Belize, if not all of Central America.

Even the aromatic coffee made from organic local beans and the freshly baked …