The Ramadan Repertoire ~ Stories, recipes, gifting & ftars in Dubai

Ramadan Kareem!

As well as being the Holy month for Muslims across the World, Ramadan has always been a very special time of year for Team FoodeMag. Both Debbie and Ishita are long time residents in Dubai and have personally experienced Ramadan in it’s many guises.

From an Editorial point of view we’ve commissioned special Ramadan stories and bespoke recipes, written about real people and their memories of Ramadan. We’ve also featured alternative Iftars that are bespoke or different to the norm as well as the larger Iftar and Suhoor events.

From a more personal perspective, we’ve been involved and written about ways in which you can get involved and ‘give back’ during Ramadan and about our personal experiences, from stocking Ramadan Fridges, helping at Filling the Blues, or Fasting for Ramadan.

Gifting plays an important part of Ramadan too, so we’ve featured special Ramadan gifting ideas from homemade treats through to more traditional gifts.

This year (2019) we  will launch a special edition called – Ramadan with FoodeMag. A curated listing of Iftar and Suhoor offerings in the UAE, Ramadan gifting ideas, Ramadan recipes, staycations and short getaways during the Eid break, plus an exciting Ramadan hub with LIVE sessions on Instagram with selected guests and much more.

In the meantime, do click on the links below to learn more about Ramadan and to give you some inspiration.

Debbie & Ishita xoxo