Fruitful Day

Eating seasonally, is something we encourage and our friends at Fruitful Day share with us of what’s available now.

“Whereas July and August in Dubai can be a bit grueling and occasionally feels like participating in an endurance race, those …

Costa Rica

When you’re on the road for a prolonged period, hunger is the driving force of many an unexpected adventure. The aroma of sizzling meat or a waft of heady spices is usually enough to send us wandering aimlessly down side …


We arrived by bus into San Juan del Sur, a small town on the Pacific coast that’s become a popular traveller stop, thanks to its proximity to the Costa Rican border and incredible surf. With good waves come expat surfers …

Machu Picchu

Peru has been on my travel wish list for many years now, for one prime reason: the magical, mysterious ruins of Machu Picchu.

Since it came to international prominence in the early 20th Century, this legendary Incan site has been