Bilberry Eton Mess ~ A healthy dessert recipe from Berryfect

(Last Updated On: 4th June 2017)

An exclusive recipe brought to you by Berryfect

Bilberries are often confused with the high bush blueberries that we commonly know, as the word bilberry translates into blueberry in many European languages. However, bilberries (or forest blueberries) refer to those that grow naturally in Northern Finland, Norway, Sweden and some parts of Russia.

Eton Mess is a classic British dessert originally made with whipped cream, broken pieces of meringue and strawberries. In this recipe, we skip the strawberries and add Berryfect bilberry powder to the whipped cream instead. There is enough sweetness in the meringue so there is no need to include any type of sweetener to the whipped cream at all. Add extra healthy goodness by topping your dessert with healthy fruit, nuts and seeds. Bilberry Eton Mess is quick to prepare and is always a crowd pleaser!

Read more about bilberries in our Ingredient section.

Bilberry Eton Mess ~ A healthy dessert recipe brought to you by Berryfect

Bilberry Eton Mess

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Serves: 4


  • 1 cup or 200 ml whipping cream
  • 2 sachets Berryfect Bilberry Powder*
  • 50 gms meringues
  • berries, nuts and seeds for toppings


  • Place the meringues on a chopping board. Chop them coarsely into chunky pieces and set aside. Save a few tiny pieces of meringue to dust over the top of the dessert at the end.
  • Pour the whipping cream into a bowl and whip for about a minute with an electric hand mixer or stand mixer.
  • Add 2 sachets of Bilberry powder* to the cream and continue whipping for a few minutes until the cream is thickened and stiff.
  • Get four small glasses to layer the ingredients in. There will
    be five layers in this dessert. Spoon some Bilberry whipped cream into the bottom of each glass. Then make a layer of broken meringue. Add another layer of Bilberry whipped cream followed by a layer of broken meringue. And finally add the last layer of Bilberry whipped cream on top.
  • Decorate the top of the dessert with berries, nuts and seeds. If there are any tiny pieces of meringue left, you can dust them over the top.
  • Serve straightaway or refrigerate and serve within 6 hours (otherwise the broken pieces of meringue in this dessert might start dissolving after a day in the refrigerator).


*The recipe uses Berryfect Bilberry powder. 

Berryfect is a premium berry powder, made from bilberries grown under the Northern Lights and the midnight sun in wild forests in Finland. Berryfect powders are ground from whole juicy Bilberries. All the Bilberry’s nutritionally dense parts: juice, pulp, skin and seeds are used. Berryfect is brought to the region by Nordic Power General Trading. Follow their visual journey on Instagram and search for the hashtag #berryfectme for violet superfood inspiration.

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This recipe has been provided exclusively for FoodeMag dxb readers. We have also tried Berryfect Bilbbery at FoodeMag dxb kitchen. Recipe & Image: Erum Faruqi Gulmann


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    Bilberry Eton Mess ~ A healthy dessert recipe from Berryfect

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