Pier Chic a chic view that compliments the fish

Pier Chic has won many awards for being a romantic as well as a seafood restaurant and walking towards the restaurant on the pier with it’s subtle romantic lighting it certainly feels quite special. To our right we have views of Burj Al Arab and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, both of which look gorgeous at night. We leave behind the Al Qasr Hotel which also looks pretty and the electric blue lighting beneath the restaurant reflecting on the water, adds a nice touch.

Drinks please !

We start with cocktails and mocktails which are expertly made. We’re steered towards the signature cocktail list, which has been refined and reduced over the summer and I settle for a Rhubarb Pie cocktail made with Rhubarb and Vanilla, Cachaca, lime juice and egg white – it’s reminiscent of a dessert in a glass and dangerously addictive! My date has a few mocktails and his request for no sugar or syrup is accepted with a smile. Instead, they substitute honey to sweeten just a little and add some fresh ginger for that extra zing.


Inside the restaurant is empty but as we make our way outside, it’s easy to see why dining al fresco here is the best choice. There’s a slight sea breeze which helps to cool against the humidity, and to be honest, even if there wasn’t we would still have sat outside – it just feels right to do so in such a charming surrounding.


Starters are the highlight of the meal for us. I choose a beautiful Grilled King Scallops served with Fois Gras, Butternut Squash, Golden Raisins, and Licorice. A combination which works despite my slight hesitation on the addition of raisins and licorice. My date chooses a classic Lobster Bisque comprising Butter Poached Lobster and Cornish Crab. The bisque is particularly good, rich and packed full of seafood flavors, without being overpowering.

Moving swiftly on, service is quick and efficient, possibly a little too rushed if I am honest although it did slow down a bit when we asked. I choose one of the classic dishes from the menu – Glacier 51, a honey glazed Chilean Seabass which was delightful. The fish was so soft it almost melted in the mouth but still managed to retain a beautiful moistness and a delicate buttery flavour.

My companion chooses lobster again, and was delighted to be served a whole lobster expertly cooked which he dived into enthusiastically. The lobster is served in it’s shell which added to his enjoyment, as he prefers the challenge of extracting every piece of meat that he can. A couple of sides, some crispy potatoes and extra broccoli seal the deal and we are happily stuffed when we’ve finished our main course. Possibly we didn’t need the extra sides, but am glad that we did, as they were pretty good!


For dessert, we wanted something light and a vanilla pannacotta comes with dehydrated fruit, fresh fruit, a raspberry sorbet and some nuggets of honeycomb. Rounding our meal off with a coffee and some cute sea inspired petit fours.

We look around us. A few couples are enjoying their romantic dinners, another couple are spending their entire evening on their phones taking calls, and a few tables are occupied by business travelers. The tables are a little closer than I would have liked them to be, particularly since the venue is deemed as one of the most romantic venues in the city.

The Sign Off Would I go again?

Oh, absolutely! I’ve got my eye on the brunch menu as well which looks fun. Equally, the pods on the side of the jetty look interesting, one is for dining whilst the other has a fabulous bar with some very enticing happy hour pricing. A hidden gem perfect for sundowners then?

See you soon, Pier Chic!