Farzi Cafe Dubai, Revisit

By FoodeMag dxb

Farzi Cafe adds to it’s menu

Less than six months after opening and already we’re seeing new additions to the Farzi Cafe menu. A group of foodies joined the Farzi team on an evening not too long ago to sample the new menu, put the kitchen team to the test and share their views and opinions, not to mention, to share, share, share on social media.

The menu sounded simple, the the dishes, as always were presented in a quirky fun way.  Favorites of mine included the Chilli Beef Kulcha too good to share! The Beef Pepper Fry with Scallion Uttapam.  Far too many dishes to mention, but do try them if you get a chance, they certainly caused quite a stir on the night.  Dessert came in the shape of a dirt pie, a rich chocolate garden with hidden surprises, not to my taste at all, but it’s a classic from the original Farzi menu which was brought onto the menu at the request of diners who wanted a chocolate dessert. You asked, you got!

Moving onwards, we loved the fun drinks menu, it was fun and quirky the Bootlegger, came in a boot, of course! and was paired with some dry ice magic whilst the cola with popcorn was so very clever and tasty too.

Overall, for us there were hits and misses on the new menu additions, but that reflects the differences in our personal taste and preferences. We’re glad to see that Farzi continues to innovate and add to it’s menu and thankfully, as far as we can see all, of our favorites are still there too!