Eric Lanlard ~ Cake Boy at Taste of Dubai

(Last Updated On: 13th March 2018)

Cake is never Sinful ~ Eric Lanlard

By Debbie Rogers: It’s the last day of Taste of Dubai and I’m excitedly waiting to meet Eric Lanlard – aka Cake Boy to do a short interview for FoodeMag. This will be the fourth time I’m meeting Eric in person but I feel like I’ve know him for ages!

Eric started following me on Instagram a few years ago when I was staying at the St Regis in Abu Dhabi on a short staycation and I was flattered! It’s not every day one of my favorite Patissiers and a Celebrity Chef follows you! (Well not me anyways).

The first time I met Eric, he ‘called me out’ with a smile on his face for cheekily baking and changing one of his recipes. He’d spotted my photo on Instagram, read the caption and noticed that I’d made a few tweaks to his recipe – from memory it was a chocolate cupcake from “Chocolate” and I’d changed the topping slightly! I was stunned! I’d assumed someone managed Eric’s social media account and instead he told me that he does which is brilliant and makes any engagement with his account seem so much more personal and interesting hence the reason why I feel I know Eric way more than I do in real life. I’m not a stalker Eric honestly!

Anyways, the fourth meeting was great! Eric turned up a little late, after being lured to Ski Dubai for a quick ski – as you do in Dubai :). Our interview was casual and fun and gauging from the amount of people offering to ‘carry my bags’ to the interview, I know lots of people wanted to spend time with him.

Time to Grab a cake and a coffee for two delicious videos …

Part One – the first slice :

Eric gives some honest feedback on the names our readers suggested for Eric’s Strawberry Ombre Cake which is the cover shot for his latest book – Eric Lanlard’s Afternoon Tea.

Part Two : another helping ..

Eric tells us what’s going on in “Cake Boys World”, talks about Coffee and what he ate at Taste of Dubai. Can you guess where he dined?

Ps : apologies for the slightly dodgy lighting, I dropped my phone just before the interview and the sensor is not working properly, hope it doesn’t detract from your viewing, Eric is truly entertaining!

And Finally…

Did you see Eric at Taste of Dubai? Did you manage to taste any of his cooking? I got a teeny bit of his Chocolate Hazelnut Cake and it was sublime! I couldn’t get close enough to get a great shot, as you can see Eric was mobbed by fans, so instead here’s a short video from Taste of Dubai showing the final cake!

I have only one request .. please Eric can I have some more?…and open a Cake Boy in Dubai please ..(ok that was two requests but if Cake Boy comes to Dubai I can literally have my cake and eat it – fulfilling both requests at the same time!).

Enjoy x


More information about Eric Lanlard and Cake Boy including details on how you can book one of his cooking classes can be found here .

Taste of Dubai 2018 is over, but will be back in 2019 – More details on Taste of Dubai here.

[Images and Video by Debbie Rogers – Instagram photos from Eric Lanlard and Taste of Dubai Instagram feed respectively]

My brief visit in pictures

Eric delights the crowd

Jenny Morris and Reza Mohammad check out the Kibson’s boxes

Butter Kitchen was swamped too #ButterOfEurope

EATS! I'd already visited the Beach Canteen and eaten there earlier in the day but did manage to taste the dishes from Carnival by Tresend as well as the divine black cod from Nobu, a dish I can never resist!

Selection of dishes by the Carnival by TresInd team

Nobu Black Cod – never fails to impress

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    Noor 23rd March 2018 (2:17 pm)

    This place is a heaven. My friends would love to be here.

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Eric Lanlard ~ Cake Boy at Taste of Dubai

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