I was recently invited to see the new Creatista machine by Nespresso in action at a pop event in Al Quoz. The machine itself looks beautiful and stylish and is easy to operate. The one we were using was in brushed steel and would grace any counter top without taking up too much space.  


The machine is super easy to operate. Once filled with water your biggest choice will be which   Nespresso capsule to use from the full Nespresso range. My suggestion, add a bit of pazazz and go for a flavoured coffee, my personal choice is always the Caramelito. After selecting your capsule you then choose the type of coffee you want. The machine makes the full range of coffees from espresso, flat white, cappuccino, latte, latte macchiato etc. Once you’ve chosen the coffee you want, you make some personal settings on the machine in terms of the volume of coffee to be brewed, temperature, amount of foam etc. Pop in your capsule, add milk to the barista jug and position the jug on the temperature plate. Press start and set the machine to work. – Love this bit! The machine will save the settings and store them for further use which is great if you have a particular set of preferences.  Once the machine has brewed your espresso and perfectly steamed your milk to the right temperature and amount of foam all you have to do is pour the milk into the coffee and voila!

Your inner Barista

If you have barista talents (or think you do) you can try and pour a heart, unicorn etc into your espresso and really wow yourself and your friends (warning it’s way harder than it looks, believe me when I say I tried this lots of times and failed miserably as well as entertained the barista, aka made a lot of mess! lols). Alternatively simply add the milk to the coffee and if you want it to look super cool do some faux latte art with some chocolate syrup and a toothpick (much easier and equally fun).


This is cute and clever machine which I am sorely tempted to save up for. It’s really functional, easy to use, has a small work surface footprint, which is important in my apartment, and as a bonus has minimal requirements for keeping the milk nozzle clean. Now the inner barista in you might say, go buy a proper machine that uses ground coffee and yes, I’ve had one of those, but never found the pressure good enough to make good coffee and in addition having to separately steam the milk was a faff and the tidy up after the event was never worth the effort. I’m open for suggestions if you think you have the perfect countertop ground coffee solution. Debbie xoxo

Details : You can purchase the Creatista Plus from any Nespresso store – price is 2,300/AED.

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