Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa

Our second bringbackbalance event Retreat N Relax concluded beautifully at the desert retreat Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa. We gathered at the beautiful Moroccan Lounge at Four Points  in the morning for a quick refreshment which was then followed by a session of mindfulness and meditation in the coach itself by our Clinical Psychologist and Wellness Coach, Tanuka Gupta on our journey to Al Maha. Later at the resort, a talk on nutrition and healthy eating by Restaurateur and Celebrity Chef Silvena Rowe gave us an insight into the simple changes that we all can incorporate in our eating habits to lead a long healthy life. She added, ‘Sugar, dairy and gluten are highly inflammatory and avoiding these have benefitted me immensely. I highly recommend intermittent fasting, good sleep and excercising as anti-aging tips as well as to lead a healthy life and increase longevity’. While Tanuka’s advise was to ‘Add mindfulness and meditation in your everyday life. A lot of us feel that we cannot meditate and numerous thoughts keep drifting in. That is but natural and proves that we are humans!’

The Al Diwan private dining room at the resort had been transformed into elegant sit down arrangements. The menu curated by Chef Peter Sebby reflected a ‘healthy and indulgent’ note, starting with the welcome drinks of Avocado, Mangoes and Mint to the showstopper dessert of Sweet Potato and Orange Brownie served with sugar free vanilla ice cream and fresh mix berries. Complimenting the day’s mood, Samar Sadik, a Fashion & Lifestyle Illustrator and Art Director based in Dubai, created illustrations as bespoke souvenirs for the guests – a memoir of the day reflecting the desert resort in her chic illustrative style. The event signed off with a visit to the Timeless Spa situated amidst the stunning desert landscape.

This event is a part of a series of bespoke events that we have planned to raise awareness of our campaign. Different venues, different themed dining experiences, a bit of an education on Stress ~ the silent killer at this time and age. In today’s times of dramatic distraction, people have inadvertently lost out of good quality rest and have somewhat compromised on the work-life balance. The campaign throws the spotlight on recognizing the first signs of stress and finding a way to unwind and balance it. The first campaign on #BringBackBalance has been created to recognize that stress is a primary concern in the UAE leading to many medical issues. The campaign will have a series of bespoke reader activities with medical professionals, wellness practitioners, chefs, nutritionists and experiences shared by real people.

As Samer Sawaya, Head of Partner Operations (Bupa Global) for Oman Insurance Company, notes: “Bringing balance back into the lives of UAE residents is a goal close to our hearts. Our research revealed that 89% of UAE residents want to live a healthier life, while 40% claim that lack of time is a barrier to managing their wellbeing. If people cannot find a measure of balance within their busy lives, they are more likely to be spending less time eating wholesome meals, exercising regularly, sleeping sufficiently, and looking after their overall health and wellbeing. Neglecting their health and wellbeing will also have a knock on effect on their happiness. We understand that achieving the perfect equilibrium is a challenging feat, and for this reason we have partnered with FoodeMag to support people in finding a way to bring balance back to their life.”

Do visit our website regularly, there will be series of BringBackBalance videos and articles from experts as well as our simple suggestions of how we can bring back balance through returning to our basics. Stay with us if you want to join our next event and also tag us if you find some time to do the simple things in life that make you happy!

[We are very excited to launch our new Wellness category called ‘Balance’ with a special campaign called #BringBackBalance in collaboration with Oman Insurance Company (OIC) and Bupa Global. A series of bespoke events follow at various venues for the next few months, the first one kick started at Tesoro, Taj Dubai while the second one is hosted by Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa. We are also very happy to have Verve Marketing & Communications on board as our PR & Marketing Partner for this campaign.]