Pierre Gagnaire ~ Shopping like a local with a celebrity chef

By FoodeMag dxb: When was the last time that you saw a chef with a three Michelin Star pedigree walking down the slushy aisles of Deira fruits and vegetable market to buy fresh fish and produce to be cooked later in the kitchen of his fine-dining restaurant? Well, this is exactly what happened to us and we were treated to a priceless experience when we accompanied Pierre Gagnaire and his staff from Reflets to the Deira fish and vegetable market so that he could choose what he would be cooking for us. As he later said, there wasn’t any preset menu or a grocery list in his head, and it all started with him selecting the first ingredient that he liked – a juicy watermelon. The next ingredients followed soon and a menu revolved around this and evolved thereafter. Back in his kitchen, watching Pierre was like watching an artist at work, experimenting colours on his canvas. There is nothing more fulfilling than shopping like a local in local markets. Only this time, it had been like a seasoned Parisian in Dubai, curated by Pierre Gagnaire!

The first ingredient around which Pierre Gagnaire’s shopping revolved – was this juicy watermelon!

Pierre Gagnaire iwith his final creation at his restaurant Reflets

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