Summer Seasonal Fruit courtesy of Fruitful Day!

By Team FoodeMagOur delicious cover shot this month comes courtesy of Fruitful Day who dropped off a box of yellow and orange fruit for our Editor, Debbie to play with.  Inspiration came on an extremely hot summers day, in the form of the word frozen. The fruit was prepped them popped into the freezer for a few hours to freeze as individual slices and chunks.  A quick rush against the clock then followed to get the perfect shor before the fruit defrosted and lost some of it’s frozen hue.  

This month, we’ve teamed up with Fruitful Day who tell us more about seasonal summer fruit. Our Editors, Debbie & Ishita share with us some of their chilled fruit favorite ices and lollies.  We also bring you a competition to win one of three Discovery Boxes. More details here.

[We are very excited to launch our new competition in collaboration with Fruitful Day. *A small discovery box contains 15-20 different fruit varieties, which are curated on a weekly basis depending on what is in season and available in the region. Terms and Conditions apply.]


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