TruckersDXB ~ Saturday fixes with cool breeze, good food & positive vibes!

Get stuck merrily in a food truck jam, mini hammocks, bubbles in the air, aroma of food, live jamming sessions and lazing on the grass – these have become permanent fixes now, thanks to TruckersDXB. Every Saturday from 5pm to 11pm till April 2017, a group of food trucks have come to gather and will park themselves at different venues in Dubai (also elsewhere like they just did in Yas Island Abu Dhabi). The USP here is that these are all home grown food trucks and is evolving gradually as a support community for food, art and cultural aficionados.

We descended on Emirates Golf Club on the first day of Season 2 of TruckersDXB. If you want us to know where the trucks will be we will be parked next time, join the community! For more info:

[Images by Ishita B Saha]


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