Ramadan – Breads and Baked Items to complete your Table

Ramadan Recipe Special

Need some inspiration? Introducing a collection of Ramadan recipes brought to you by our contributors. 

By: Minna Herranen : www.nakedplateblog.com

Karelian pasty – Traditional Finnish food with Emirati Twist

By: Jasmine Perrera : www.peartreediaries.com

Saffron Scones with Date Syrup & Pistachios

By: Najla Koya : www.foodiecorner.wordpress.com


[Images and text provided by the author]

By: Linda Ottawa : www.lapetitepaniere.com

Algerian Bread or Khobz Eddar

We have included Linda’s hand-made instructions. She also has the method best used for a mixer available on her blog (link above).

By: Sarah Walton : www.thehedonista.com

Gingerbread Lamp


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