Yellow Brick Road Food Truck

On the outside, we might seem like just a bright yellow, true blue 1970s food truck with delicious smells coming from it…but on the inside? We’re the superheroes here to save the day by spreading happiness wherever we go. And we know that the easiest way to put a smile on someone’s face is by putting something absolutely wonderful in their belly.

By wonderful though, we don’t just mean delicious (which our authentic food is of course) but we mean comforting.  The food you crave when you want to feel at home, the food you want to make a good day even better. The food you know from kitchen tables, street corners, cult movies and from stories anecdotes by people who’ve travelled. The food you share with friends, with stories that start with ‘remember when?’

So if you’re looking for a soulful foodie road trip across the US of A from east coast to west, with a bona fide American culinary superhero as your guide, just follow Yellow Brick Rd

What or who is the inspiration behind your start-up?

Traveling through the US and experiencing all the different local cuisines from New York to Florida to the Deep South. All the food is craving-worthy and soul food as it is called.

Tell us why your business is the “best thing since sliced bread”.

We don’t pretend to be the best thing since sliced bread, we do however aim to offer a better product than our competitors. We are always looking to improve either on quality, presentation or menu offerings.

Who is your hero in the restaurant business – the one that you aspire to be?

Anyone who has started a food truck out of passion and wants to make the world better with food that brings back good memories.

What is your favourite dish on the menu and why?

It must be the Yellow Brisket Road. It s a brioche bun filled with a piece of beef that has been cured for 4 days and then smoked for 15 hours. It is then topped with homemade barbecue sauce. If you have never been to the “Deep South” in the US, this sandwich will give you a good idea of what the food is really like in places like Kansas, Alabama etc…

In the dessert section, there are the beignets, also known as dumplings. These are just to die for with some powder sugar or date syrup.

What (lessons) have you learnt along the way that you would like to share with other foodpreneurs?

  • If you really want things to happen, you cannot give up. You have to push on and find solutions for all the obstacles you will face on your journey
  • Make a plan but be prepared to amend it regularly as very little will go to plan when you start a restaurant. Often these are things outside of your control
  • Don’t compromise on food quality and flavors. There are enough restaurants in the world that serve bland and below average food, you don’t need to join that club.

Details :

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Where can we find you?

We are a mobile food truck and we follow the crowd. If you check our social media accounts, you will find out which event we will at next weekend.

You will find us at any event that has lots of happy people with hungry tummies