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Fitness First  Athletic Club – Mudon

#TriedNTested : This is a new facility with a heavy focus on functional training and HIIT classes, there’s also a pool and outdoor training area.  I have done a few of the classes, Rips, Ropes & Straps, Charge and BOXX as well as two different fitness challenges. Functional movement and HIIT training is the way to go as far as I’m concerned. Loved the classes and the community feel that the club has, just wish the club was closer to me. The MyZone heart-rate monitor allows you to see your performance as you train and to challenge yourself to stay in the right training zone depending on your goal.

TIP : You can get a one day free pass to check out the club details on the Fitness First website.

Speedflex, JA Ocean Resort

#TriedNTested : Circuit type class using dynamic machines and resistance. It’s low impact and high intensity so pretty efficient. The class is instructor led and each class is quite varied. Initially I wasn’t a fan as I found the machines a bit tedious. Add in some friendly team competition and some additional off machine exercises and it’s much more fun and more for me. They lend you a MyZone heart-rate monitor so you can see how you are performing compared to others in the group or to challenge yourself.

As an added bonus the team from Plotos were on hand to give some insights about fuelling for exercise (pre and post) and general tips for healthy eating as well as providing a healthy breakfast (though if I’m honest I was craving a cooked breakfast!. Do check out their app for further information.

TIP : Try a free session and see if Speedflex is for you and download the Photos app for healthy dining inspiration.

NRG Fitness

#TriedNTested : I did a HIIT class followed by a NRG Cycle Class – both were accompanied by a live DJ who worked the decks to the speed of the class (wish they did this more often!). Loved the Cycle class, didn’t enjoy the HIIT so much, didn’t like the class organisation, but as this was in their first week of operation I would go back and try again. They use the MyZone Heart-rate monitor system which is fantastic for an added push (your heart rate and stats are beamed up on the wall as you train).

I’ve since been back to do KO8 in the studio – high energy, intense, sweat inducing & fun- what more could you ask for!

TIP : Plenty of Summer Offers available at the moment and booking is easy via their app.

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