Ramadan/Sharing Fridges ~ The coolest way to warm hearts in the UAE this Ramadan

While everybody is welcome to ‘help themselves’ to these Ramadan Fridges, do bear in mind that the fridges are primarily meant for people who are working in the sweltering summer heat or have been fasting throughout the day!

Ramadan/Sharing Fridges in different communtites

#TriedNTested: Seek out the Ramadan Fridge in your locality and help to keep it full. While a well stocked up fridge looks lovely, it gets empty in no time. Do check the one that you have wished to contribute to, on a regular basis and try to stack your share when it’s relatively empty. Ask the local fridge manager which are the most challenging hours or days in the week, so that you can supplement during that period. In my experience, the fridge we contribute to are well stocked over the weekends and goes empty Monday morning onwards. Although fruits like watermelon etc are nice to quench thirst, avoid putting cut fruits in the Ramadan Fridge and instead opt for whole fruits and vegetables (preferably pre-washed), that last longer and can be eaten without much chopping and slicing. Homemade muffins and other edibles packed in small boxes, dried fruits and nuts, small bottles of juices, laban ups, water – all make for great power packed and healthy donations. Be practical when you contribute and if you are buying packaged food items, make sure that they last the heat and aren’t prone to any contamination.

The Ramadan/Sharing fridges are open 24/7 so you can donate anytime. However, community workers are around between 8am until 6pm which is when the need is greatest. If you want to check what works best in your neighbourhood, your local fridge manager would love to hear from you, each fridge is a little different. Ramadan/Sharing Fridges in the UAE

Apart from the independent Ramadan/Sharing Fridges managed by households in different locations, you will also find many supported by corporates and other F&B outlets. For example, Steigenberger Hotel Business Bay Dubai has partnered with PepsiCo for two outdoor refrigerators for 60 cases of water, NRTC Group for suppling fresh fruits, and Gulf Bagel and Promar who are providing boxes of pastry products. Also, Better Life UAE has donated a fridge that’s being maintained by BookBunch Cafe for the neighboring community. On my visit to the Steigenberger Ramadan Fridge at noon time, I found them completely empty. I was informed that these fridges are restocked thrice a day by the hotel and it’s generous partners catering to around 300 people daily and yet they become empty in no time. Regardless of whether Ramadan/Sharing Fridges are maintained by independent household or any F&B outlet, one thing that everybody should remember is that the local community has to actively participate in this initiative and make sure that the donations keep coming throughout the month of Ramadan. Happy Filling Up!

For more info, visit BookMunch and Steigenberger Hotel Business Bay

Our instastory on Ramadan Fridges Dubai ~ the community initiative to stock your Ramadan fridges in your localityThis is a great initiative from Moti Roti and is supported by other local businesses, bloggers and resident volunteers. Each year, Moti Roti teams up with these samaritans to provide Iftar to labourers working throughout Ramadan. Read more here.