La Perle

The Show

The show is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.  It’s Cirque du Soleil style(ish) with acrobats, motorbikes, and divers with a cast of superbly fit performers, dare we call them athletes?  It’s visually stunning, entertaining and if I’m honest a little puzzling. There is no narrative to the story, although there is a story, so it leaves you thinking about it way after the show ends.

The performance is mesmerising.  It takes place in and around the on stage pool (people dive in a disappear into the depths of the water).  There’s also a wet/dry stage which at times is filled with some 2.7 million litres of water which then vanishes to become a dry stage! There are real waterfalls cascading down the theatre wall, stunning graphics beamed on the auditorium walls, high trapeze action, motorbikes pulling stunts in a suspended dome and so much more.


The show takes place in a fully immersive theatre with just fourteen rows, so no matter where you sit, you are close to the action. Sit high and you can look down on the action on the floor, and be immersed in the trapeze acts which happen in front of you. Sit lower and you will be immersed in the floor show ahead of you and gaze up on the higher action. Take your pick and as they also say ‘pay the price’ as ticket prices vary depending on where you sit.  In my opinion, no matter where you sit, you are bound to be entertained and get the fully immersive experience anyways.  


There are two shows per day, five days per week Tuesday – Friday 7 pm and 9.30 pm and Saturdays 4pm and 7pm.  We went to the 7 pm show and wished we had gone later as we hit rush hour traffic and were a little freaked that we would miss the start time as the shows start promptly!  Each show lasts 90 minutes which seems to fly by. This is a show where you will want to take photos and videos, and it’s actively encouraged, just don’t use your flash to prevent distracting the performers!

Food & Drinks

We bought some simple cinema type snacks on entry, but found them pretty pricy – eg 50/AED for popcorn, 30/AED for a very small machine brewed cup of coffee.

Our tip would be to dine before or after the show at one of the many restaurants in Habtoor City which are within walking distance.

Local Restaurants within walking distance:

  • Zoco – Mexican and Latin American cuisine
  • The Rose & Crown – British pub
  • Blind Dragon Asian inspired bites
  • City Grill – South African dining experience
  • Namu Korean and Japanese fusion
  • Il Capo – Authentic Italian
  • J&G Steakhouse – American classics with a modern touch

Alternatively a short drive takes you to City Walk, Box Park and Downtown where your dining options are literally unlimited.


Note : if you valet park (50/AED charge) there’s a long queue to get your car after the show, we queued for about 45 minutes, so what better way to while away the time than to eat!

There is RTA paid parking within easy walking distance of the venue so parking here is another option.


Tickets start at 400/AED for Bronze seats, 600/AED Silver, 800/Gold and 1600 for VIP.

VIP includes some “complimentary bites”, but no details on what these are.

This was a Media Invite, with no obligation of coverage. All opinions are our own.

[Images & Video by Debbie Rogers]