Indian Festival of Lights

(Last Updated On: 18th January 2017)

Celebrate and capture Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, in one of Dubai’s oldest and most vibrant neighbourhoods. Journey past a tucked-away temple into the alleys of Meena Bazaar, where the streets surge with glittering lights, “pujas” in family-run jewellery shops, and local celebrants thronging the streets in their finest festive wear. For one unparalleled night, the neighbourhood explodes with enough street-side energy and kaleidoscopic colours to dazzle any urban explorer.

This visual feast will be seasoned along the way with sweet and succulent treats from the bustling eateries of Bur Dubai. From freshly buttered buns spiced with vegetable masala to tender chicken tikka and a plethora of traditional Indian sweets, there is something to satisfy every palette.

Details :

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