FUN Dxb where failures are celebrated – FoodeMag dxb


I have been following this movement in Dubai for a while and finally joined the FUN Dxb community at Cafe Rider for an evening of fun and learning through a discussion of entrepreneurial mistakes that many successful enterprises have encountered in their businesses in their startup stages. FUN Dxb is part of a global movement where stories of failed businesses and projects are told, questioned and celebrated. The evening consists of three entrepreneurs sharing some of their business mistakes and lessons learned in quick ten minutes presentations. This is followed by an open house discussion for others to share their own experiences. We heard some really great stories, which made us realise how easy it is to assume that everything goes well for new start ups, which obviously is not always the case. FUN Dxb often has Dubai food entrepreneurs sharing their stories, and this time it was Ahmed Hassan from Wingsters who took the stage. Chatting and networking with people before and after the event is a great way to make new contacts for small businesses. There is lots to learn, laugh and talk about plus plenty of good coffee to keep the adrenaline high – it’s definitely a productive few hours of networking and caffeine high, specially for new and small businesses!

xx Debbie

[Tickets are AED 100 and include a free drink]