From Brain Fog to Brain Drain ~ How I moved forward?

Never stop having fun and a bit or role playing when you are in self doubt‭…‬ “Start telling the story of your amazing life‭, ‬and the law of attraction must make sure you receive it‭!‬”‭ – ‬The Power by Rhonda Byrne

This is my story that I am finally sharing‭, ‬after a long deliberation‭. ‬Because if I didn’t share today‭, ‬I would continue leading‭ ‬a life full of lies‭, ‬a beautiful instagram feed hiding a conflicted and a restless mind and a fatigued body‭. ‬If this dialogue strikes a chord with even one person or if I get to hear even one single word of real-life wisdom‭, ‬it would be my gain‭. #‬timetotalk

I truly believe that I lead an amazing life surrounded by a beautiful family‭, ‬caring friends and colleague‭, ‬have a dream job as‭ ‬my career since I managed to convert my passion into a career‭. ‬Each day‭, ‬I wake up excited to meet new people in my work field and inspire me with their stories‭, ‬the behind-the-scene tales that go on to prove once again‭ – ‬everything that you dream of‭, ‬is indeed possible‭. ‬I have connected to so many people around the world that it seems incredible‭. ‬The problem lies within‭ – ‬how does‭ ‬one take a cue from anything amazing that is happening in life when the brain doesn’t tune in to them automatically‭? ‬Why and when does that brain wiring gets snapped‭? ‬For some one like me‭, ‬a moderately high-functioning‭, ‬over-zealous creative individual‭, ‬snapping doesn’t come easy‭. ‬But when it does‭, ‬it becomes very difficult to retune because there’s a lot of self-imposed expectation and comparison with the most efficient version of one’s self‭. ‬That’s actually a very good and a positive thing‭, ‬however‭, ‬can‭ ‬be quite a lengthy process as the thought that strikes it’s head is always this‭ – “‬I can do it myself‭! ‬No help needed‭! ‬And definitely Not burdening anybody else‭!” ‬To be fair‭, ‬everybody needs a bit of support structure in terms of having‭ ‘‬someone/few people‭’ ‬to off-load one’s emotions‭. ‬And to be unfair‭, ‬that‭ ‘‬someone/few people‭’ ‬are the chosen ones to be left strained and disappointed the most‭, ‬when their‭ ‘‬job‭’ ‬of helping out fails‭.‬

I have no qualms in admitting that I have been living in a bit of doldrums lately‭. ‬The last one year‭, ‬I have been working to reverse a few of my physical ailments‭ – ‬an underactive Thyroid‭, ‬insulin resistance bordering on Type 2‭ ‬Diabetes‭, ‬a bit of hypertension and adding feather to the cap‭, ‬an abdominal hernia surrected from an unhealed laparoscopic incision from a hysterectomy done‭ ‬two years back‭. ‬Oops‭, ‬so a forced menopause‭? ‬No not yet‭, ‬as the ovaries are still intact‭ – ‬thank goodness for some naturally active female hormones‭! ‬Excessive weight‭, ‬dry skin‭, ‬wrinkling and aging is just one aspect of it‭ – ‬the external aspect‭. ‬But what really has been floundering me is how to deal with the internal aspects‭  ‬exhaustion‭, ‬regular emotional breakdowns‭, ‬acute brain fogs‭ (‬forgetting to shut the car door and locking the car or walking upto the supermarket to buy bread and coming back without it‭!)‬‭ ‬and eventual‭  ‬brain drain‭ (‬listening to various opinions throttled my way as to what I should be doing‭, ‬how to exercise and what to eat etc swaying from one theory to the other‭). ‬It is extremely disorienting and difficult for a person‭ – ‬who’s a conscientious daughter‭, ‬mum‭, ‬wife‭, ‬friend‭, ‬colleague and a co-worker‭. ‬Hence FoodeMag’s aim to‭ #‬bringbackbalance with a Wellness category is so vital in my life right now‭ – ‬it connects me to people who are helping me to bring back the balance that my mind and my life‭ ‬needs‭. ‬For me‭, ‬there are no‭ ‘‬before and after‭’ ‬pictures‭… ‬it offends my senses to think that a‭ ‘‬before‭’ ‬or an‭ ‘‬after‭’ ‬is better than a‭ ‘‬now‭’. ‬I sincerely believe that I am always the best version of myself‭, ‬momentary phases of emotional lows notwithstanding‭. ‬Here’s what I have done in the past few months‭, ‬in concrete terms and spiritual‭, ‬to make sure that I am on the track that I‭ ‬wish to be‭!‬

Community farms in DSO (first picture); Overnight camping in the Al Qudra desert; Let the sand gulp away your problems and stress; Growing herbs in the garden can be really therapeutic; A quiet corner in the garden to listen to binaural beats and birds’ chirping; Smelling in the fresh vegetables and the fresh air in the Community Farms in DSO; And finally chasing sunrises everyday!

Strengthening the core

Undertaking private lessons with Rehab specialist and STOTT PILATES certified instructor Tegan at Real Pilates has been life changing‭. ‬Focusing on simply strengthening my core and increasing my abdominal strength has transformed by ability to focus‭, ‬increased my confidence about my own body and is slowly helping me to tune my brain wire again‭. ‬I wish to learn pole dancing in the future and Tegan assures that it’s not going to be impossible‭. ‬Although Pilates isn’t guaranteeing a cure for my hernia‭, ‬it is definitely strengthening the abdominal muscles and closing the hernial gap‭, ‬something that I am wanting with all my heart‭ – ‬and to‭ ‬avoid another surgery‭, ‬if possible‭. ‬Alongside her Pilates‭, ‬Tegan has an interest in how exercise can help improve general well being and mood‭, ‬and also aid in the management of complex neurological disorders and autoimmune diseases‭ – ‬we are both working together to make some magic happen‭! ‬

Walking from the time I wake up

In fact‭, ‬a lot of walking‭ – ‬I have never been a gym person and have preferred to move outdoors or take up dance lessons‭. ‬When I‭ ‬started to retrack my life‭, ‬the best option for me not to give excuses was to be forcefully in nature‭. ‬I walk twice a day‭, ‬one ushering in the day and watching the sunrise‭, ‬and the other after dinner‭, ‬taking a moment to sit under a sky full of stars‭. ‬Both‭ ‬the desert and the beach is‭  ‬at close proximity to wherever we may live in the UAE‭, ‬and with the weather holding so good now‭, ‬there can’t be any excuse‭. ‬Initially I would be tracking my steps and now I don’t‭. ‬I don’t want to feel stressed out when I haven‭’‬t walked the minimum daily requirement of 10,000‭ ‬step‭. ‬However‭, ‬I do take the help various walking apps which guides me to make‭ ‬my daily walk a high intensive exercise‭ – ‬repeated intervals of three minutes of fast walking followed by three minutes of regular walking‭.‬

Chasing sunrises rather than sunsets

For the most part of my life‭, ‬I believed that I was a night person‭ – ‬my creativity‭, ‬energy and efficiency soared during the night‭. ‬I joked that I chased sunsets rather than sunrises‭, ‬even created a hashtag‭ #‬101sunsetdays as I captured beautiful sunsets‭. ‬I‭ ‬worked through the night with very less sleep‭, ‬considering I had a fairly regular early morning routine with two school-going kids‭. ‬We all know that our body is naturally attuned to the circadian rhythm which is linked to the light–dark cycle‭. ‬It’s taken a while for me to reverse this cycle‭, ‬thanks to the insistence from my family and friends‭. ‬Today‭, ‬I am addicted to the sunrise‭, ‬having shared my inner conflicts and inner desires to the early morning sun for the last six months‭, ‬breathing in it’s beauty and radiance and breathing out the assurance that‭ ‘‬today is going to be magical‭’!‬

Listening to Binaural Beats and other spiritual pursuits

Listening regularly to Binaural beats via various chanting etc have helped me tremendously to re-focus and re-orient myself‭, ‬specially because I am right-brain inclined and my entire wellbeing is dependent upon the success of my creativity endeavours‭. ‬In almost every ancient culture‭, ‬repetitive beats have been used to usher in intentions‭, ‬wellbeing‭, ‬prosperity and spirituality‭. ‬There is science working here‭ – ‬the repeated beats can induce a trance-like state due to the brain shifting into a specific brainwave frequency‭, ‬which is a‭  ‬low Theta brainwave state‭*. ‬Nature too has embraced binaural beats‭ – ‬the sound of the sea waves‭, ‬the consistent noise emitted by crickets in a forest at night‭ – ‬these have the power to calm down nerves and send signals to the brain‭. ‬For example‭: ‬through the use of repetitive drumming and chanting‭, ‬Tibetan monks‭, ‬Native American shamans‭, ‬Hindu healers and master Yogis have been able to induce specific brainwave states for transcending consciousness‭, ‬healing‭, ‬concentration and spiritual growth‭. ‬Open your mind to different theories from various cultures and religion‭ – ‬and pick the ones that seem to resonate with you‭. ‬

‭*‬Scientists have discovered that certain brain wave frequencies‭ (‬especially the Alpha and Theta‭) ‬may‭:‬

1‭. ‬Relieve stress and promote a lasting and substantial reduction in people prone to anxiety states‭.‬ 2‭. ‬Facilitate a deep physical relaxation and mental clarity 3‭. ‬Increase verbal ability and also the performance IQ‭, ‬verbal‭.‬ 4‭. ‬Better synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain‭.‬ 5‭. ‬Recall mental images live and spontaneous imaginative and creative thinking‭.‬

6‭. ‬Reduce pain‭, ‬promote euphoria and stimulate the release of endorphins‭. [‬‭]‬

Loop in the experts

Connect to a community and loop in some experts who are in cue‭. ‬I am lucky to have had close friend Tanuka Gupta‭ (below left), ‬a psychologist‭, ‬yogi and holistic wellness coach (also the Wellness Coach from our 2nd #BringBackBalance event) on my speed dial‭. ‬Since food and cooking forms a very important part of my wellbeing‭, ‬I took lessons from Natural Chef Neha Jamani‭, ‬also the founder of Sesame Dubai‭. ‬She came home and taught us to cook in a‭ ‬more holistic way so that the food that we were cooking at home nourished us properly‭. ‬A few tweaks here and there in the kitchen and we are good to sizzle‭!‬

Debbie Rogers, Editor & Business Head FoodeMag dxb – my soul sister and the boss lady who holds the whip at the work place (above); Friends who are like (more than) family as we make the UAE our adopted home; The boys in the Saha household – brings sanity and salvation in my life!

I have always believed in Law of Attraction and it has been working for me from the time I was born‭ – ‬and I know it‭. ‬But how do‭ ‬you make a waning mind believe in it‭? ‬I know it’s all in the mind‭, ‬but how do‭ ‘‬put all the fabulous stuff‭’ ‬into a chaotic mind‭? ‬I have accepted that‭ ‘‬Falling is not failing‭’, ‬and there is a real support crew holding me tight so that I can carry on‭ – ‬no matter what‭. ‬Each day‭, ‬I thank my stars that I am surrounded by people who love me‭, ‬they may not necessarily understand me fully‭, ‬but they never judge me‭. ‬And remember‭, ‬if not people‭, ‬Nature is a great listener‭… ‬So are pets‭ !‬


Follow Rhian Lindley‭, ‬an integrative holistic healthcoach who’s lost 34‭ ‬kgs‭, ‬beat T2‭ ‬Diabetes and Hashimotos and is a Fitbit Brand Ambassador‭!‬ You can catch her daily journey on Instagram as @sugar_coated_me.