Deb's Diary ∼ Learning how to switch on and switch off with Switch DXB

Almost at the same time we launched the new Wellness section of FoodeMag dxb, I won a place on an exciting twelve-week programme called Switch 360. The programme is operated by Switch DXB and over the course of the twelve-week program, four individuals, including myself, are learning how we can live better lives by Switching On (physical exercise and increased knowledge about ourselves) and Switching Off (more about relaxing and recovery).

From the moment, I saw the competition and read more about it, I felt that this was a programme for me and after passing a few selection activities I’m pleased to say that I’m now part of the Switch 360 team. Check out my Instagram page for details on some of the things we’ve been doing as well as my new YouTube channel.

There are a lot of parallels between the intentions of Switch DXB and our current wellness campaign #BringBackBalance with both focussing on not having to live at extremes, but instead reaching a level of balance and awareness which works for us.

Eight Weeks In

Over the last eight weeks I’ve learnt much more about myself through a battery of testing and assessments.  I know all about my DNA through a DNA Assessment, I’ve spent time talking to a nutritionist and life coach and taken a good look at myself and my goals. I’ve learn about how my body moves and functions, what it is composed of and how it performs when training.

Switch On

I’ve become much more physically active too and have taken part in various boot camps, trampoline fitness classes and HIIT classes (High Intensity Interval Training).

Switch Off

I’ve taken part in Yoga classes and learned how to Meditate and be more present. I’ve swung my first ever Golf club and learned how to do Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga.

I’ve done a hypnotherapy session to aid sleep and learned how to rest and recover as well as to train hard.

Diet & Nutrition

I’ve learnt more about my nutrition, both in terms of having my food delivered and fully customised to me, as well as learning how to buy and cook delicious healthy meals at home.

Psst … I’m still honing in my skills on eating out and making better choices (with the odd indulgence), since that’s a bit part of my job too.

Exhausted by what you’ve read? I am! Essentially, we have been doing some sort of activity six days a week and it’s been hard work but fun, and extremely rewarding. There are still a few more weeks of the programme to come and honestly, I will be sad when it finishes.

What I do know is that I’ve begun to make lasting changes to my life which I want to continue, and hope to inspire you to make them too. After all, if I can do this aged 50, then you can too!