At ColsBrew we humbly aim to specialise into one area of expertise within the fastest emerging area within the coffee industry, and that’s cold brewed coffee. To be more precise, at ColsBrew, we cold water extract, use single origin Specialty Coffee that is locally roasted, locally brewed and ready to drink

What or who is the inspiration behind your start-up?

I have always looked at many aspects of life for inspiration, I grew up lost in the visual creative world of W. Heath Robinson and his brilliantly absurd illustrations and imagination to solving simple issues! This has probably played a big part of my everyday motivation to always see the world differently. Since I was 10 years old I wanted to become a business owner and I always had a belief that I can and will be one.

Take for example you see a really bad product, or in my case I could not find a good cold brew coffee anywhere, it was always missing something, it made me think “I am sure I could make this better” and believing that there should be better. It’s also only now that I have had a little more life experience that I realise that passion, commitment, a dream and the attitude that we can do and be anything we would like to be is true, for the fortunate few. It’s just a matter of work ethic, choices and personal priorities towards these goals! If you spend hours a day learning a different language you will be fluent within sometime, it’s like trying to start your own business, put all the time in you can, make sacrifices and give it all you have.

Tell us why your business is the “best thing since sliced bread”.

I started ColsBrew with passion and being creative and hands on and it’s just grown even more so, to learning the complexities of trying to control variables, understanding the science behind the process, trying to workout the mystery and the Cluedo “who did it” type questions it took over eight months solid everyday working on ratios and learning. I jumped head first into the coffee rabbit hole. Self teaching with trial and error, asking questions, taking courses and all to make sure that I had the right ratios to put out in the market with my name on. I specialise in cold brewing and this alone. I am not trying to juggle roasting, food, or being a barista. I am focused on being a master of my trade. The butcher, the baker,  the cold brew coffee maker!

Who is your hero in the restaurant business – the one that you aspire to be?

I find brewing, be it grapes for wine, hops for ales or coffee for cold brew –  it’s a craft and watching and listening to any one master talk and share about their trade is mesmerising and intriguing. The way sommeliers talk about wines or the farmers that come from a long heritage of wine makers, their passion, love and knowledge for what they do blows my mind and excites me. Basically anyone who is a master of their chosen passion – these are my super geek heroes!

What (lessons) have you learnt along the way that you would like to share with other foodpreneurs?

Lessons along the way so far, there has been so many but a key aspect is personal interaction with suppliers, stockists and people you do business with is really key. Talk about the uncomfortable topics, make them comfortable, engage in people and connect as humans, after all you have to potentially deal with these people everyday. Be a man or women of your word, don’t ever promise anything it’s just setting yourself up for failure. If you say you are going to doing something, do it. Actions speak louder than words and people remember and respect this.

Details :
Instagram @colsbrew & Facebook: ColsBrew Cold Brew

Location: our production Bean to Bottling experience will be in Ras Al Khor old school. We supply to select stockist around Dubai ranging from The Surf Cafe, Arabian Tea House, HAPI, HEAT Cafe. A full list can be found online.

Home/Office Delivery: minimum order deliveries of 12 bottles that retail at 35 AED per 200ml bottle.

[Images provided by ColsBrew]