Celebrate Turkish National Day at Rüya

(Last Updated On: 18th October 2016)

Rüya celebrates Turkish National Day!

Celebrate Turkish National Day on 29th October at Rüya the newly opened Anatolian restaurant in Grosvenor House.

Join the team and enjoy a complimentary signature beverage mixed at a freestanding bar and served with ice from a gigantic, futuristic, ice machine suspended from the ceiling!  It has to be seen to be believed.

Pssst … if you haven’t dined at Rüya yet, or want to know more about the restaurant stay tuned! We met with Chef Colin Clague just before Rüya opened and will be sharing stories about the inspiration behind the dishes and the menu – coming soon!  Hint ~ we loved it! It’s Turkish food but not as you know it – just look at one of the stunning clicks we took when we were there.

Details : Bookings +971 4 3999 123

[Images | FoodeMag team]



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    Celebrate Turkish National Day at Rüya

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