The Brew


Dilmah Silver Jubilee Gourmet – Dilmah Tea

By Debbie Rogers Dilmah Silver Jubilee Gourmet a new Tea Lounge Tea is the second most frequently consumed beverage across the world after water. But first, tea! Today was a day of two firsts for me! Firstly I had my first ever glass of sparkling white tea, served in a champagne glass and secondly, I [...]

Raffles ~ An afternoon tea that is festive, indulgent & fun!

By Debbie Rogers The date had been in the diary for a few months, and it was with some excitement that we arrived at the opulent lobby of Raffles for a Festive Afternoon Tea - The Collection Afternoon Tea/Christmas Edition. Sadly the tree wasn’t up yet, it goes up on 6th December, but without a doubt, [...]

Mosaico – An afternoon tea in opulence and grandeur

By Debbie Rogers Palazzo Versace Dubai quietly opened it’s doors in November and has remained a bit of a secret hotel until the launch of Enigma. We headed over late afternoon to try out afternoon tea at Mosaico, located in the hotel’s lobby. Opulent and elegant, the lounge perfectly reflects Gianni Versace’s ornate compositions. You [...]

Afternoon Tea at Rhodes W1, Grosvenor House

By Debbie Rogers If you are looking for a quintessential British afternoon tea experience, then this could be the perfect spot for you. Located in Grosvenor House, the elegant dining room of Rhodes W1, with views over the Dubai Marina and a beautiful outdoor terrace, it has a bit of an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ feel […]



Awesome ICED COFFEE masterclass with Nespresso

By Debbie Rogers NESPRESSO ICED COFFEE MASTERCLASS "Welcome to our new Boutique" says Yassir, Nespresso's Coffee Ambassador, as he welcomes me, with a warm smile, to the new Nespresso Boutique in Dubai Marina Mall.  The Boutique, he explains, is the first with the new Nespresso design and whilst it's similar to other boutiques, it's also [...]

Double B Coffee & Tea – Specialty Coffee

By Debbie Rogers Double B Cloud from above Double B Coffee - Specialty Coffee Double B Coffee - Pourover In action Double B Coffee - Menu Double B Coffee Cover Double B Coffee - Coffee bar Double B Coffee - The Cloud  Double B Coffee and Tea "When you get used to a great product [...]

Christmas memories : In chocolate

By Debbie Rogers:  I’m sat in the showroom of Cocosia, a boutique chocolate shop in Al Barsha and we are discussing chocolate and how it evokes memories. The term ‘my Christmas in Chocolate’ popped into my mind and as I started talking sweet chocolatey memories came popping back to me.   My Christmas in chocolate meant: [...]

Become a home Barista with Creatista Plus

By Debbie Rogers:  Bring out your inner Barista with the Creatista Plus by Nespresso Imagine being able to create barista style coffees at home with a machine that is virtually fully automated and at a reasonable cost.   Sounds too good to be true? Think again.   Bring out your inner Barista  Creatista the home Barista [...]

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee – a fad? A new Trend? or something quite clever…

By Debbie Rogers:  Nitro what? Nitro Brew, Nitro Coffee and Nitro Cold Brew are words that I’m sure you are beginning to hear more about, yes even here in Dubai! Once the preserve of Speciality Coffee shops, it’s now becoming much easier to get your hands on a cup of this gas infused drink and [...]

Drip House Café ~ The community coffee shop in DIP

By Debbie Rogers: Waze, my preferred on-line map system tells me that Drip House Café is a quick fifteen-minute drive from my place and once I’m on the road, I can confirm that Waze know what they are talking about. The dreadful ‘close your eyes and pray’ junction taking you into DIP has now been replaced [...]

ColsNog ~ A Festive Cold Brew Drink with Pizzazz

A festive drink developed by the ColsBrew team especially for the Festive Season. Get out your spices and whip up something quite exciting and indulgent for a Festive treat. ColsNog [print-me target="div#printsection"] Serves: 2 Ingredients 2 eggs 100 ml ColsBrew Black 30 ml cream 30 ml milk 1 tbsp of caster sugar 1 tsp vanilla [...]

ColsBrew – specialty cold brew coffee

By Debbie Rogers: Serve it over ice, or drink it chilled straight from the fridge or ice-box and enjoy a smooth, delicate and naturally sweet coffee with lower acidity levels than hot coffee. Cold Brew Coffee is something rather special and is perfect for Dubai climate. A relatively new ‘kid on the coffee block’ in Dubai, [...]

Cambodian Coffee ~ A strong caffeine hit, both hot and cold!

By Debbie Rogers: One of my top memories from my trip to Cambodia and Vietnam was enjoying sweet dark smooth Cambodian coffee in various coffee shops. From five star hotel patisseries through to plastic street side seating, it was evident that Cambodian coffee takes a significant place in people’s day-to-day lives and a coffee ritual [...]

Turkish Coffee ~ A caffeine hit in a Turkish way!

By Debbie Rogers: One of my favourite ways to end a dinner is to sip into a good Turkish coffee. Dark, intense and piping hot and often served table side from a Turkish Coffee pot known as the Cezve (pronounced jezz-va), it's more than just a coffee. It's as if tradition and history are pouring [...]