Trip Giraffe – a Community Travel Site for those with Wanderlust

 Trip Giraffe


Ever had the Wanderlust feeling but not wanted to go alone? Couldn’t find the perfect trip to meet your needs? or just wanted to get out and about and explore as you go, but wanted some company? This could just be the website for you!
TripGiraffe is a free travel community website aimed at finding the right people to travel with.
It’s easy to use and you get to curate the whole experience!

Create your trip – remember to cover all the important items such as destination, what your travel style is, a budget and itinerary and then wait to see who wants to join you. You get to curate who can join (or not) or perhaps ask to join someone else on their trip.

You are fully in control and you get to curate who can join the trip (or not). Alternatively look at the other trips that have been created and perhaps ask to join someone else on their trip.

What is TripGiraffe about – it’s a friendly community where travellers will come to look for a travel buddy or for help and travel inspirations. In addition, there’s a practical Travel blog aimed at backpacking and travel tips. Articles will include tips such as saving money on the road, getting cheap airfare as well as local information about cultural festivals etc.

Not in the travel mood but want to meet new people?  You can also register to meet travellers when they are in your hometown, who knows it might inspire you to travel more or to introduce a new travel buddy to the place you call home.

What are you waiting for? go find your inner Trip Giraffe.

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