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Energy Balls ~ Mix, chill and roll, that is how we snack-eat!

By Prachi Grover: “Don’t eat those biscuits now or you will spoil your appetite!” Raise your hands if you grew up listening to this or find yourself saying the same to your little ones. Snacks - I struggle with them the most, you know those in-between meal times when children are hungry and dinner and lunch is still [...]




The Blessing Tree ~ Counting our blessings, one at a time!

By Prachi Grover "The holiday season is already upon us; our hearts are filled with love, delicious food gracing our tables and for a few fortunate ones, the cupboards are stacked with thoughtful presents gifted by the loved ones. I say to Sara, it's so easy to get lost in the consumerism and chaos of [...]

Chasing rainbow over a rainbow playdate

By Prachi Grover “Where ever I go there’s gotta be a RAINBOW” Sara loves to paint. All walls of her room have artwork and are interspersed with quotes that we both love. She has at least forty favourite colours and some of them don’t even sound real! I have begun to run out of space; [...]

Giving Back

Ramadan/Sharing Fridges ~ The coolest way to warm hearts in the UAE this Ramadan

By Ishita B Saha: I have a problem with the way the word 'charity' is used sometimes, so loosely and rampantly around us. 'You don't like the crockery set? Why don't you give it to charity?' or 'Would you like to donate JUST 50 Dirhams for this program? The money is going towards charity!' Where exactly is [...]

#Fillingtheblues ~ Feed The Men in Blue this Ramadan with Moti Roti & others

By Team FoodeMag: When you are living in a cosmopolitan city like Dubai where more than 200 nationalities rub shoulders against each other at any given point in time, it is only organic that one will end up imbibing others' cultures. Ramadan is one such example where we have seen many non-Muslims observing fasting to show [...]

Gratitude Box ∼ Thank You Cookies

By Prachi Grover There is something I like to do with my little chefling every December as the year ends - be grateful for the year gone by. Often we fail to appreciate the people who make our lives beautiful. Sitting down with Sara and making our little list helps her (and me!) introspect on [...]

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