Non Alcoholic thirst quenchers to partner your Iftar

(Last Updated On: 18th February 2019)

Ramadan Recipe Special

Need some inspiration? Introducing a collection of Ramadan recipes brought to you by our contributors. 

By: Anjana Chaturvedi :

Kokum Sharbat

Kokum is a very healthy and cooling fruit, famous in the coastal areas of India especially in the Konkan region. They use it in various ways, especially as a souring agent in the curries. Kokum butter is commercialy used in confectionery. The kokum fruit has many medicinal properties. It can be applied directly on the skin for allergy cures. It is also a very good antioxident, and aids digestion. Kokum butter is sometimes an ingredient in beauty products. Kokum sharbat/drink is made with the soft kokum which is deep purple in colour. The dried fruit is soaked, mashed and then sugar syrup, black salt and roasted cumin powder is added.

This drink can also be made with fresh kokum fruit.

Once made, the thick concentrate can be stored in the refrigerator for a week.

By: Ishita Saha :

Frozen Aam Pana

Aam Pana or the Green Mango Drink is a great coolant, perfect to combat the Dubai summers. The mango concentrate can be very easily made at home and stored for some time.

By: Priya Srinivasan :

Beetroot Khmer Payasan


Kheer/Payasam is an easy dish that can be prepared using a pressure cooker. It is deliciously pink and a treat for the hungry eyes.

By: Swati Bansalrao :


The horchata originally came to Mexico via the Spaniards, who called it Agua— or horchata. It’s a very cooling drink with spicy foods, and would be an innovative exchange for Salep, a traditional Iftar drink.

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    Non Alcoholic thirst quenchers to partner your Iftar

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