FoodPreneur Opportunity ~ Run the Café at Impact Hub

Run the café/pantry at Impact Hub

If you thought what we have for you as Foodpreneurs was good, wait till you hear what Impact Hub Dubai, our home away from home, has on offer. They have a special Foodpreneur membership offer where for a monthly fee of AED 3000, they hand over their café/pantry space over to you to run yourselves. And this is what it includes:

  • Keep all the revenue you earn through the pantry
  • Leverage the Impact Hub marketing and social media channels (and if you’re good, those of the entrepreneurs too including us) to promote yourselves
  • Unlimited access to Impact Hub’s co-working space, meeting rooms, conference rooms, events, workshops
  • Become the preferred catering partner for all Impact Hub events

So if you are looking for a base to sell your food while your outlet is being set up, this is a great opportunity to tap into a captive audience of creative entrepreneurs looking for their lunch, snack fix, try out the new menus and new ideas, brainstorm ideas.

Note : This opportunity is suitable for existing operational startups looking for a retail space to operate from and a place to meet other entrepreneurs. You should already have your food production operational and have your food produced somewhere eg a central kitchen.

Tempted? …

Contact : Shubhang Tel : 055 528 8650 or email

Impact Hub : Saaha Offices, Block B – Core F. Around corner from Palace Hotel, Downtown.

[Images | Impact Hub]



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