Made at Home by Giorgio Locatelli – a masterclass with Salvo Sardo

By : Debbie Rogers Behind The Scenes It's lunchtime on a weekday and I'm being ushered behind the scenes into the kitchen at Ronda Locatelli for an exclusive masterclass. I love being in the kitchen at home and being in the kitchen with professional chefs is so much more exciting! This is where the magic [...]

Tom Kerridge’s Dopamine Diet ~ My low-carb, stay-happy way to lose weight

By Debbie Rogers: Is this a Diet Book? This isn’t a diet book, you won’t find a long list of ‘dos and don’ts, you won’t find daily meal plans, or any sections on weighing and recording your results etc. Instead, it’s more of a cookbook where Tom shares the recipes that he cooks that allow him to follow [...]

Chicken “Gia” Chkmeruli

Recipes by Alice Feiring: Our Georgian recipes have been shared with us by Alice Feiring, an American journalist and author who visited Georgia in 2011 and wrote the book ‘For the Love of Wine’. Written during her trip, she writes about not only Georgian wine but also her experiences with Georgian natural and vqvevri winemakers, along with [...]

Diane Henry ~ A Change of Appetite

By Debbie Rogers: "this is not just another cookbook with gorgeous photos, there’s a good smattering of nutritional information in a casual educational ‘hmm let me think about that a bit more’ sort of way, literally leaving you with further ‘food for thought". A Change of Appetite .. where delicious meets healthy When I initially [...]

Sweet Paris ~ Homemade Blackcurrant Sorbet with Cassis

By Michael Paul 'This time-honoured French sorbet is simple to make and creates a great after-dinner interlude before the cheese and a serious pudding. The cassis gives it some real oomph and somehow makes it taste more French. It is best made with fresh blackcurrants when they are in season – but you will find [...]

Sweet Paris ~ French-Style Rich Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

By Michael Paul 'Here’s an easy recipe for a really rich, sensationally creamy French-style glace, which, like chez Berthillon, will get people queuing for more. It’s a lot easier if you have an ice-cream maker but, if you don’t, be prepared to do a bit of stirring'. Do read  our review of Michael Paul cookbook Sweet [...]

Sweet Paris ~ Parisian Chocolate Truffles

By Michael Paul 'I can’t see the point in making filled chocolates. It’s a painstaking, big-girl’s- blouse of a business, and they will never be as perfect as those made by a skilled Parisian chocolatier. Chocolate truffles are more my style. They are fun to make and not too difficult. They make an ideal gift [...]

Sweet Paris ~ Chocolate Dipped Dried Fruit

By Michael Paul 'This is an easy recipe for beautiful after-dinner petits fours that look exquisite and taste divine. You can use any dried fruit that’s available locally: prunes, apricots, figs, kiwi fruit, dates, pineapple – whatever takes your fancy. The secret is in tempering the chocolate. I know this strikes terror into the hearts [...]

Sweet Paris ~ Chocolate Cupcakes with Rose Marshmallow Topping

By Michael Paul 'As both brownies and marshmallows are the happening thing in Paris, these cupcakes just had to make their debut in this book. I’m not a big fan of the boring sponge base used in many cupcake recipes or, for that matter, of heaps of over-sweet frosting that tastes only of sugar. So, [...]

Sweet Paris by Michael Paul ~ A love affair with Parisian chocolate, pastries and desserts!

By Ishita B Saha:  Last month we were inspired by this indulgent ingredient - chocolate. The reason being - a Chocolate Masterclass at the recently opened Boutique Le Chocolat, and a Wine Pairing evening at Casa Mia in Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre where some of the finest Italian wines were paired with Lindt [...]

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