Tanuka Gupta, Clinical Psychologist & Wellness Coach

Tanuka Gupta

Spiritual Alchemist | Activist | Dreamer | Nurturer | Story Teller | Clinical Psychologist

Armed with 20+ years of experience as a Clinical Psychologist, Tanuka has also been an avid learner of the metaphysical. Her area of interest lies in understanding the power of the Chakra system in promoting health and wellness.  She also plans to travel the 7 chakras of the world with one of them already ticked off her list. Tanuka has worked at Al Noor Centre for Persons with Disabilities Dubai UAE for the last 15 years and is currently a Consultant Psychologist. In 2012, she realized her calling for life is to go beyond the realms of cognitive and thus she delved into exploring different areas of spiritualism, meditation, well being practices.

She also offers spiritual and psychological guidance on her FB page Soulight Tanuka to bring holistic self realization in the community through wellness based practices.







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